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I am Ashutosh,

a tech enthusiast, programmer, web logger.


Learning is a life-long process.

I am a learner, and am always ready to try my hands on new technologies.

I started using computer back in 2001. Those days mark the popularity of Windows 98, which was known for its speed and stability.

My interest lifted in computer technology when I started learning BASIC, my first ever programming language.

And it was just the beginning...

Coding is poetry,
Coding is fun!

I am passionate about writing user-friendly programs and developer-friendly libraries. This passion is inspired from vast number of technologies, such as Linux, Java, Android, IBM Watson, etc.

I code programs in various languages, such as C, C++, Java, and HTML & CSS. However, my personal vote goes to Java due to platform independency, of course!

I develop and contribute to various software projects. All of my coding work is hosted on code.aksingh.net and mirrored on Github.

Java code for printing "hello world!"

Ashutosh's Blog at blog.aksingh.net

Useful content is always searched and admired.

I enjoy writing articles about various computing and technical topics. These posts are primarily targeted at computing or programming beginners.

I write about tools and programming at Ashutosh's Blog. Posts mostly cover coding examples and tools, programming tips and languages, etc.

I write about software and technology at TechAthena. Posts mostly cover useful utilities, online tools, computer security, latest technologies, etc.

Programs, not humans,
drive the computer.

Programs are set of instructions for the computing devices. Present needs have led programs evolve to software. Everything running inside your computer system is a software, such as text editor, video player, browser, etc.

I'm interested in developing interactive and user-friendly software for users, and writing libraries for developers.

I work on various software projects, and contribute to many free and open source products.

Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Go social,
and get connected.

In spite of the wide use of electronic mails, social networks and instant messaging are becoming the people's choice to connect and communicate.

I'm available on various user groups, social networks, messengers, and web services.

I mostly post and tweet about computing tips and tutorials, security tips, and latest and upcoming software and technologies.

I'd love to connect with you. Get networked with me on your favorite network.

Get in touch,
easily and conveniently.

Whatever be your reason, a friendly hello, a business proposal, an innovative idea, or a request for help; you can contact me any time.

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